Satellite Broadband


Reliable fast Broadband, wherever your location. No landline required and a choice of speeds and prices, to suit your needs. Speeds up to 20MBps, direct through a satellite dish.

It is Rocket Science! With the recent launch of the Ariane 5 space rocket, the Avanti satellite can now offer 20Mb download and 2Mb upload speeds. Satellite broadband is the perfect way to deliver an internet connection to out of the way rural locations throughout the UK, Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. No telephone – No cable – No problem.


Dreambox is a specialist satellite broadband services provider. Our knowledgeable, experienced team provides expertise and support to a wide variety of clients including:

  • Businesses
  • Schools & colleges
  • Home users

Always Connected

We specialise in providing services to remote locations that keep our customers ‘business moving’!