Push Email Marketing

Push Email Marketing

What is a Push Email?

Push email utilizes an email delivery system that has the real-time capability to push email through to the client as soon as it arrives, rather than requiring the client to poll and collect — or pull — email manually. This technology is often used with smartphones. With a push email smartphone, the client’s mailbox is constantly updated with arriving email without his or her intervention. These smartphones announce the new mail’s arrival with an alert.

This type of email delivery system differs from pull-oriented systems. Usually, when email is sent, it arrives at the recipient’s Internet service provider’s (ISP’s) mail server, where it is held for collection, or it might instead arrive at a website server, if the email is Internet-based. Either way, the email remains on the mail server until the recipient uses an email program to poll the mail server by using an email polling protocol, such as Post Office Protocol (POP3). If new mail is present, the email client downloads the emails onto the client’s computer. The difference between this scheme and push email is that, with push email, the email is sent to the client without waiting for polling.

What can a Push Email Do For My Business?

Emails can be sent as often as you like. Keeping customers aware of the latest events and offers. Creating interest with a regular newsletter. Statistics provided monthly to measure success.